French Course

French Course

American Life Language Schools teach French, among other languages. All of the higher education and student rights standards we have established for English are also available in French. You can receive French education either in classes with a maximum of 12 people, or as a private lesson at the branches of American Life Language Schools. American LIFE also makes a difference in the French course.

Why Should You Learn French?

First of all, French is one of the most used languages in the world. About 200 million people in the world speak French. Apart from European countries such as France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Monaco, the mother tongue of many North African countries, Canada, the Middle East, and many Asian countries is French. It is used as the official language in 29 countries. About 20% of the population of the European Union speaks French.

At the same time, French is the third most used language in technology after English and German. Likewise, French is again in the top three in international trade. France is the world’s ninth largest exporter and seventh largest importer. Similarly, France is the seventh country with which our country trades the most. France is one of the leading countries in sectors such as fashion, medicine, cosmetics, the defense industry, automotive, aviation, and retail. In addition to all these, it is accepted as one of the official languages of international organizations such as the European Union, the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, and UNICEF.

The influence of French is not limited to the economy, foreign relations, and technology. France is an important tourism country. France ranks first in the list of the most visited and visa-received countries in the world.

Who Should Learn French?

There is no need to repeat the importance of knowing a language for a career. A good command of English is the key to many job openings. Especially if you have a second language with you, the opportunities increase a lot. Therefore, learning French as a second language after English would be the right move for you.

Those who aim to work in companies doing foreign trade with France or in French companies operating in Turkey should learn French. Remember that the French are very conservative about their language. Even if the French know English, they do not use it unless it is very difficult. French companies prefer staff who can speak French. Also, if you want to work in the tourism sector or if you want to improve yourself in the culinary arts, learning French will open doors for you that you normally wouldn’t be able to pass through.

Fashion design, social media phenomenon, social media consultancy, and fashion photography; professions of the new generation. France is one of the countries that comes to mind when it comes to fashion. France is the country where the concept of fashion developed and the first steps of the clothing industry were taken.

Why Should I Study French at American Life Language Schools?

American Life Language Schools also have a stable teaching staff in French. Thousands of students have taken French courses at American Life branches. Our teaching staff changes our students’ possible prejudices about French. Analyzes the different needs of students well. The principle of student satisfaction is the unwavering standard of American LIFE. Students who study French can attend American Life’s social activities and personal development seminars, and have the right to receive education in another language at a discount. For the privileges of American Life, American LIFE also offers high physical standards to its students.

How Does the French Education Process Proceed?

Students who join the American Life Language Schools family are determined to determine their level before the training starts. According to the determined level, the education of the student is started. For those who have never met Spanish before, education starts at the basic level. Classroom and educational planning of students is carried out in cooperation with the education coordinator and quality and student relations officials in the most appropriate way for the student. Education is divided into levels according to the criteria of the European Language Portfolio. These levels are supplemented by internationally recognized sources.

To learn a new language, interacting with people like you who want to learn the language is very important. Communication with people with similar goals in American LIFE will accelerate your learning. American LIFE exposes you heavily to French. It coaches. Most of the responsibility lies with the student. Every student’s learning habits are different. Plenty of repetitions are the key.

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French Course Periods

There is no period for language training at American Life branches. So you can start your training whenever you want. To get information about the trainings from the nearest American Life branch, you can fill out the form to call us or call our branches directly.

You Can Learn French Online

In American LIFE, it is also given as an online education in French. You can contact our nearest branch to get information about our online French courses.

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