Spanish Course

Spanish Course

Would you like to take a Spanish course, which is the first step in the research of the languages of the future, and get information about the benefits this education will bring to you? Spanish is also among the trainings offered by American Life Language Schools in line with the innovations in the sector. So why should we learn Spanish?

Why Should You Study Spanish?

  • Spanish, which is estimated to be spoken by 500 million people around the world, according to research conducted by the British Council, ranks first among the languages of the future.

  • It has been adopted as the official language of Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, and 17 other countries.

  • The United States is one of the countries where Spanish is spoken the most.

  • According to the British Council’s assessment, 34% of companies doing business in the UK said that Spanish was “useful for their companies.”

The Effect of Spanish Language in Career Planning

We are in a world order that is in the process of international integration born of the exchange of products, ideas, and cultures. In this order, everyone at the beginning of their career anticipates the benefits of learning a new language and wants to receive education in this direction.

We have listed the contributions of Spanish to your career planning for you, our esteemed students, who want to decide on the language of education to be received with detailed research. Within the framework of its foreign trade and investment strategy, Spain determined 10 countries as target countries and prepared expansion plans. Among these countries, it is available in Turkey. Construction, engineering, and consulting services related to these fields, especially infrastructure and transportation projects, energy systems, environmental technologies, finance, tourism, and informatics, are the leading sectors in the economic relationship between Turkey and Spain. For those who want to specialize in these sectors in Turkey, knowing the Spanish language makes a person very privileged and provides employment. The fact that approximately 500 million people in the world speak Spanish causes many companies abroad to prefer people who can speak this language in the recruitment process.

Experiencing New Cultures

Learning a new language is not just about understanding that language. Accessing the resources of societies speaking that language and getting to know their cultures will be valuable gains for you. Latin culture; it hosts arts such as cinema, music, and dance. La Casa de Papel from Spanish cinema, which has recently become the basis of popular culture, is a Spanish drama in the drama genre. The series was the most watched non-English series on Netflix in 2018. Well, have you watched the series? If you’ve watched it, you’ve probably noticed the ease of pronouncing the Spanish language. Spanish is a phonetic language, written as it is pronounced. This is the main factor that facilitates pronunciation. Another advantage is that the pronunciation of letters in Spanish is similar to Turkish. In this way, it will be possible to learn words faster.

Why Should I Study Spanish at American Life Language Schools?

American Life Language Schools, which continues to serve with its innovative approach, is aware of the importance of Spanish for you in line with its research. Spanish instructors who are experts in their fields and the minimum number of students in the classes are the advantages of American Life Language Schools for their students. It is very important for the institution to keep the classes to a minimum, so that the instructors can be in a one-on-one dialogue with the students. American Life Language Schools offer you private Spanish lessons as well as group lessons.

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Spanish Education

How is the Spanish Education Process Progress?
Students who join the American Life Language Schools family are determined to determine their level before the training starts. According to the determined level, the education of the student is started. For those who have never met Spanish before, education starts at the basic level. Classroom and educational planning of students is carried out in cooperation with the education coordinator and quality and student relations officials in the most appropriate way for the student. Education is divided into levels according to the criteria of the European Language Portfolio. These levels are supplemented by internationally recognized sources.

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